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The libtune project aims at providing a standard API to unify the various ways Linux developers have to access kernel tunables, system information, resource consumptions.

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Generally, installing an application can be divided into the following four tasks:
  1. Check the requirements,
  2. Tune the system-wide parameters (kernel, vm, file system, networking, etc),
  3. Set the per-user limits,
  4. Set the per-process parameters.
After the application installation has completed and while that application is running, it may be needed to get some system statistics about resource consumptions and utilization, in order to appropriately tune the kernel parameters.

The process that has been described above is usually implemented through installation and supervision scripts.

Unfortunately, the following issues have been identified:
  1. There are quite multiple ways of accessing the kernel configuration and tunables: /procfs, /sysfs, sysconf(), rlimit(), etc...,
  2. These scripts are rarely portable, since they require to get, set and change values that are represented by objects that may change from distribution to distribution, or from one release to the other inside the same distribution.
This raises the need for a standard, well defined API to manipulate the kernel configuration and tunables for software products to relay on.

The libtune (Tunables library) project aims at providing such an API, built on top of the existing mechanisms (in order not to break backward compatibility), that would be used by the applications to manipulate the information and tunables from the kernel.

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