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January 25, 2007
libtune API v0.12 is released (Added support for FC7, kernel release 2.6.19)
June 5, 2006
libtune API v0.9 is released (Added support for new tunables, enhanced add_tunables.sh script, fixed libtuninit.c and libtunclean.c to enable rpm build)
February 2, 2006
libtune API v0.8 is released (Added set of scripts that makes it possible to easily support new kernel releases / distros / families / tunables and removed the daemon part - security issues)
September 22, 2005
libtune API v0.7 is released (multiple kernel releases / distros support has been added)
July 12, 2005
libtune API v0.3 is released (the tuned daemon has been added: detects any pseudo-file added under /proc or /sys)
June 20, 2005
libtune API v0.2 is released (tun_set(), tun_help(), tun_locate() interfaces have been added)
June 2, 2005
libtune API v0.1 is released (tun_get() interface)
May 23, 2005
libtune API design 1st version is published

 May 2, 2005

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